Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Wish I Could Remember

Today we had our first softball game of the year. I play with my sons, Jordan (16), Brendan (15), and Hunter (13). They love to play, and are getting better all the time. I like to play, but do not have much upside at the is point of my life. I had never played baseball, and took it up to spend time with them. So, you would think that I would do my best, and play to win, but mostly remember that it is about having fun with my sons and making good memories with them. But, unfortunately, today I fell into an old pattern. I get too competitive, and when the boys make a mistake, and get on them, instead of encouraging them. I am purposing next game to try to be their biggest cheerleader out there, and not to say anything that will demoralize them further if they flub. They obviously already know what they have done wrong, and it is not because they are not trying or are lazy, it is just human error! So, I wish I could remember ... I hope I DO remember, next game I WILL BE AN ENCOURAGER!