Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do men do this?

My wife already has a "blog", and she really enjoys it. Women seem to naturally be more social and interactive. They gravitate towards each other and what is going on in their friend's lives. Men seem to have work more at being interactive and relational. They tend to keep more to themselves and put on a facade. With that being said, I don't have much expectation of anyone actually taking the time to read my entries. But, if nothing else, I plan on using this as a journalling type experience that will serve to give me opportunity to think through various issues related to my life, how I feel about things, and articulate my thoughts accordingly. If any other men end up being encouraged or helped in some way, that will be great as well!


  1. haha - you blogger you! I like that pic. I can't figure out what I am holding there though?

  2. Such cute fellas, those Philbricks are!!! :)

  3. Matt, you're holding some frozen meat or veges,, you hurt your knee at the Gowers playing basketball.