Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not Just Another Day

For many in America, today is a day to sleep in for recovery of extracurricular activities from the weekend, maybe get a few extra things done around the house, in general a somewhat self-serving day before embarking on another work week. For me and my family, this is the most special day of the week. It is the day we meet with other Christians to celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ, to encourage each other in The Cause, and to learn from His Word together. In a few minutes, our house will be a beehive of activity as the boys busily eat their breakfast and get spruced up in anticipation of the occasion. To this point I can never recall a Sunday when any of them were negative about going to the church gathering (from Titus, 3 yrs., to Jordan, 16 yrs.). We all seem to have a common spirit of understanding the significance, potential, and joy of this day of the week, Sunday, the day that gets our week off to the right start as we meet with our Christian family in order focus on our purpose and meaning as given to us by our loving Savior, the Resurrected Lord of All!


  1. One of the things that keeps the boys connected, I believe, is their involvement in THEIR church. Tonight we are having a special youth service, that is, the youth will be involved in various aspects of it. For example, Jordan is leading the congregational music, and playing his guitar for the offeratory; Brendan is praying for the offering, and giving a testimony about having read through the Bible 2 x's in the last two years. Hunter, Silas and Luke are singing in the youth choir. No greater joy for me as a father than to see them involved in these things out a heart to serve their Savior!

  2. Very cool man. Welcome to the blogsphere...I haven't been on mine much since I started hanging around Facebook. I always enjoy a glimpse into the lives of those I know, but never get to see. Good stuff!